Let's Get Growing!

Whether you live on an urban lot, acreage or farm, we can help you put together a step by step plan to transform your property into a sustainable, well balanced growing system that will nurture you and your family for years to come.

We work with you to provide an easy, straightforward program that demonstrates how to make the most of your property. Teaching businesses and homeowners holistic design solutions that transform your property into a lush green verge; an oasis of deep rich, chocolate cake humus to ensure nutrient rich vegetation.

Opportunities include How-To

Building healthy soil,
Exploring practical and creative garden design

Maximizing underutilized spaces
How-to Capture and store rainwater
Save time, money and energy utilizing permaculture design principles - increasing production while reducing workload
Enhance garden health and balance with polycultures, natural insectaries and companion planting,
Design elements that implement Stacking functions
Fruit, fruit guilds and more fruit
Living Rooms - how to make the most of your property through the creation of 'living Rooms'. Just like the inside your home, we can create a variety of welcoming spaces to serve different functions.
Create Micro Climates that increase your ability to grow what would typically be called Mediterranean fruits and vegetables 

Pond systems
Passive solar energy
greenhouses - let's extend the growing season!
reduce heat loss in your home.
mitigate erosion and flooding issues

Give us a Call Today! We can help you Design and develop a sustainable and regenerative landscape to enhance your property values, provide food for your family and create some closed loop systems that will help you save time and money.

Consulting Services: (Urban Consultation $485)

Includes a 2 hour review of your property along with an assessment of vegetation, water sources and design opportunities. Property assessment is followed by a 'kitchen table' discussion and rough property sketch mapping out all the elements of your Wish List for your home and property. Site visits are followed up with an email providing additional details, opportunities, references and resources.

Please Note: Additional fees are charged for out of town consultations.

Permaculture Design: Genesis Permaculture provides detailed permaculture design services.

Following an assessment of your yard, existing gardens, foliage and structures, our designer develops a detailed, hand rendered drawing of your property providing design elements and growing opportunities based on your wish list and vision. Your personal Design includes plant suggestions and placement, living rooms, vegetable gardens, perennial food forests, herb spirals, water harvesting, fruit guilds, living fences (espalier), water features, compost stations...all the items on your wish list. The design opportunities are boundless.

Fees are based on property location, size of property and whether Urban or Rural.

We are Now taking bookings for the 2024 season, please contact Genesis Permaculture today and let's get started building a resilient and abundant future for you and your family.